Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For a while...

Life is an artwork in progress. It is an endearing adventure.
A train that takes us into our own unique journeys. And the journey
unfolds the masterpiece we are meant to be.

But along the way, we need those occasional breaks: the step back
from the adventure; the replenishing relaxation; the time to just let
the universe take its course. These breaks are the moments when
the lessons we learned from our experiences seep deeply into the core
of our beings. And through these moments, the grace of the movement
of our lives renew itself.

I'll not be updating my blog for a while. And for a while, I'll be elsewhere
to take a dose of those invigorating moments. The rhythm of our dreams
dances best when we revitalize our energies. Afterwards, renewed and refreshed,
we turn with an elegant spin in the next flip of our fate…


  1. Hi Bebe,

    I've been reading your blog these past days. I like the way you write. You are indeed very talented, sharp, and write. I have been your fan for many years.

    I am glad you are expressing your personality, style, and need to be beautiful, but still trying to be "godly." I do hope and pray that you can remain "pure" in your friendships with people of all sorts of sexual orientation. By doing so, you are living your testimonial as someone who is godly, pure, and beautiful. That makes you unique and attractive as an individual.

    Thanks so much for reading my post. I think you really have the most beautiful eyes. And I hope to get your feedback on my comment.


  2. rest easy, BB. hope to see more of your reflections soon.

    God bless.