Monday, April 6, 2009

'Don't Lie to Me' BB Gandanghari

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The following questions won our "A question for BB" contest. We gave them to the writers for Showbiz Central; unfortunately, they were not the questions used by Showbiz Central.

1. Do you want to wear a two piece in a cover of a magazine?
(by Ghandia Lee on April 4, 2009)

BB's Answer: Working on it! Hahahahahah! :-)

2. If you were not Rustom before and he's not related to you. Is there any possibility na mainlove si BB Gandanghari kay Rustom?
(by Edison on April 4, 2009)

BB's Answer: Basing on what I know about him, I think so. He's such a God-fearing person.

3. Do you fear being lonely?
(by anonymous on April 4, 2009)

BB's Answer: No.

4. Is it true that when you are alone in your house you walk around naked?
(by anonymous on April 4, 2009)

BB's Answer: Sometimes.

5. Is your life more enjoyable now compared before?
(by anonymous on April 4, 2009)

BB's Answer: Yes. Only because I can express more.
Thanks everyone!


  1. I watched it on TV. Sayang, maganda yung questions 2 and 4! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the segment! :)

  2. I've watched most of the TV interviews and was at the blogger's meet and greet. I learned to appreciate and respect myself more and others as well. I am more sensitive to the people around me now. Thanks BB!

  3. Heard you promote your blog on GoBingo a few minutes ago. Glad you're on the blogosphere! Hope to read more about your thoughts and reflections, not just P.R. and showbiz stuff. My boyfriend and I are fans. Go BB!

  4. hey yo bb!

    did you ever tell carmina about your real gender before you separated?

  5. Yehey I won..thanks BB..hehe...

  6. Hi! I'm from the states, but I always see you on TV - I just heard you plug your blog on Pinoy Bingo Night. You're an inspirational person! More power and much love!

  7. hi there...

    Im a fan ever sinv=ce were still Rustom, nad now you became still your fan. What you did is very brave, and for that Im so proud of you. You made your life complete, you put away the fears and you face the world with your true you. You're beautiful beautiful because you have a kind and pure heart.
    Be fierce!
    enjoy life to the fullest!

    I featured you in my site, pls visit.

    here's my blog.

  8. Hi BB!!!

    Thank you for inviting us to visit your blog!!!

    Also, from the bottom of my hypothalamus, I support you as you reflect on love, life, and living.

    Everything you write, say, and do (on and off camera) are meaningful to all of us. Keep it up BB!!!

  9. hey there, just dropping by to say hi!
    Well I guess I'll visit your blog every now and then and oh.. I love the pouty

    URL should end in a valid domain extension, such as .com or .net

    Mine is ayaw tanggapin

    will always love you,

  10. hmmm...NtAtAndAAN ko UnG s PBB yUNg BUTTeR fLY
    nicE iT sO meANINGful!!!

  11. MarAmiNG gUmaGAya sa paNGALng BBGANDANGHARI!
    mAy nKIta AKO
    pAngaLAN BB"AMOR"DAANGHARI ISANG comedian atah

  12. good evening.

    know what? I've bookmarked your homepage so that when I have time to visit again, I'll find it easily.

    I admire your courage....besides, you look beautiful being the new you..

  13. nice site here..would like to invite you to mine too.. (poetry in frozen motion) photography and bits of poetry. thanx. keep it up

  14. I've seen this one, but only sa video! :3

  15. I love her Mom! She's the best mom ever!!

  16. Hey there BB!
    I just want you to know that you've been an empowering inspiration not only to people who experience the same indifferent treatment like you do, but also to others out there.
    Continue to be truthful to yourself, as we'll continue to support you.
    God bless! :)

  17. Hi BB,
    I salute you for showing the real color of being you.Life is too short, do not be afraid to be who you are and what you are because that's the only way to happiness. Only God can see your heart, and that's the most important thing.Your so great...nothing compares!
    I am Troi from UAE.

  18. ramdam ko kasiyahan na nararamdaman mu ngaun ikaw na c bb gandanghari,its obvious ur beautiful. bb gandanghari is happy and beautiful.feeling ko marami ng naiinggit sa tapang mu,happiness mu't ganda mu.pero hindi mu sana pinatay c rustom kc base sa napanuod ko sa pbb mabait cyang tao,cya ang naging paraan at dahilan para na-gave birth c bb gandanghari.i adore ur being brave and strong,being happy and being beautiful.